Photos of the ‘JGP’ Watch on its travels – How it developed

In November 2009 we received an email from a friend of my daughters.

It read ..

‘….. On the Trans-Siberia train the watch provoked a lot of interest. They were asking if it was an expensive brand. I was worried that they were going to start negotiating a swap for it. I would have been lost without the JGP. I’ll take more publicity shots on my next trip!’

That image was this

Li River China

And that made me think…why not ask anyone I knew who had one to take a photo of the watch whenever they were on holiday? It just developed from that.

Remember that famous photograph featuring Princess Diana. I call that one ‘Princess’. However this one is ‘Priceless’

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

Below is a selection of images which have been sent to me. I have images from all five continents and completely differing subjects, and there are lots, lots more than these.

Click on an image to enlarge.

Thanks to D Albert R P Broughton D Graham K B Hardern G Mellor D Rhind A Syder R Walker K Young plus many others whose images aren’t on display…yet